Mary Jane Popp Interview for SHE

Mary Jane Popp of KAHI interviewed Jeff Dickerson and Mark Vaughan this evening.  The talked about making SHE, their need for votes in the My Rode Reel competition this weekend, and future projects by Cinefabula.

Mary Jane Popp Interviews Cinefabula

Mary Jane Popp Interviews Cinefabula


vote largeClick here to be taken to the voting page for SHE.  Click on the pink heart titled, “Click to vote!”  There you can also view the full movie and the behind-the-scenes video.

The pink heart is located to the right of the video frame, just above the title of the video.



After clicking to vote a window will open on the screen to choose how to vote.Capture login


There are three ways you can choose to be allowed to vote.  You can simply click on the Facebook or Google icon if you are currently logged in to your Facebook or Google account.fb or google

If you don’t want to allow it to use your Facebook or Google account, please click on “sign up with one click”

click to log in

to be able to vote using your first name, last name, and email address.

surnameAfter filling in your first name, last name, and email address, click the “Sign up” button.  You will then be sent a password at the email address you used which you will have to enter to vote. Then be sure to mark the option appropriately if you do not want to receive emails from Rode.

Here is a video showing me voting using Facebook.

SHE: The Trailer

Here is the trailer for SHE.  Many of you have been asking me about SHE this week.  It is completed.  We will be posting the link to view the film this week.  Please watch the film using the link we will be providing.  The film was made for the My Rode Reel film competition.  Please vote for you favorite film after viewing SHE.  The more votes SHE gets, the greater our chance of winning a package of a large quantity of film making equipment.

And… Cue the Music

Jeff and Mark Finish Reshoots.

Jeff and Mark Finish Reshoots.

Last night the final touches, including scoring, where finished.  The export is currently rendering.  The video will be on YouTube today.  Now I just have to completely edit a behind-the-scenes video and upload it before early tomorrow morning.  It looks like there will be one more late/all-nighter.

Cut, Cut, Cut

It is 1:17 AM, and I am encoding the first edit of SHE.  It is limited to a length of five minutes for the My Rode Reel competition.  It is currently 7:51.  I have to cut more than a third of it tomorrow.  I will probably completely remove the naked statues scene.  It does not serve the story, and I just put it in hoping it might put us in the running for the prize for best location.  I have 5 days, 22 hours, and 26 minutes to complete and submit the finished film and the behind-the-scenes video.

Dr. Fox's Statues

Dr. Fox’s Statues