Nima with our hosts
Nima with our hosts

In this episode we speak about the outbreak of meningococcemia at the University of Oregon and discuss long-term care and skilled nursing facilities with Nima Pourfathi of Auburn Oaks Care Center.

This week a sixth student at the University of Oregon was diagnosed meningococcemia.  One of the six students died from the infection in February.  The bacteria commonly causes outbreaks of meningitis and meningococcemia, a deadly blood infection of the bacteria.  There are approximately 4,900 California students at the University, some of whom will be traveling to California this week for Spring break.  Students with flu-like symptoms (fever, fatigue, headache, or mental status changes) should seek medical attention immediately.  Symptoms can progress from onset to death within hours.  Mortality (death) from infection occurs in 10 – 20 % of those infected.  Known close contacts with an infected individual should also immediately seek medical attention for prophylactic (preventive) treatment with oral antibiotics.

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CDC page on meningitis vaccine

Story about University of Oregon outbreak

Nima is available for questions by phone at 916-770-7352.

Trusts and advanced health care directives can be prepared through Robert Vaughan at 530-885-6400.


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