Starting Practice

soccerHow does one start a medical practice?  This question and more from Periscope are answered in this episode.  See

Door Knob Medicine

doorknobGood medical care is more than just correctly diagnosing and prescribing medical treatment.  We discuss the need for medical care providers to adequately connect and communicate with patients in the process of diagnosing and treating.  Dr. Vaughan speaks about his new role as the Chairperson for the Sutter Independent Physicians Service Excellence Physician Advisory Council.  Live audience participation is provided through Periscope.


Gout: This Joint Rocks

Dr. Elaine Lambert of SOAR joins us to discuss Gout.

Dr. R. Elaine Lambert

Dr. R. Elaine Lambert

Specialty Credentialing

Dr. Vaughan and Larry Finney speak with Dr. Willis about medical specialty credentialing. This was originally aired November 20, 2010.