Doctor Floch

Dr FlochDr. Neil Floch speaks about doctors in the media and bariatric surgery.  You can follow Dr. Floch on Twitter and Periscope @NeilFlochMD.  Dr. Vaughan is found @doctorvaughan.


Dennis Bueler shares his very personal account of getting better by stopping the use of opiates for chronic pain.

Dennis Bueler

Gout: This Joint Rocks

Dr. Elaine Lambert of SOAR joins us to discuss Gout.

Dr. R. Elaine Lambert

Dr. R. Elaine Lambert


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a viral disease with a high mortality rate and low human transmission rate which is thought to come from camels.  We explain why people would consume camel urine.MERS small

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Wait for it… Encopresis

double toiletEncopresis is defecating in inappropriate locations.  It is usually manifested as the repeated soiling of clothing in children over the age of toilet training, often with concomitant constipation.  Traditionally it is associated with the psychological concept of being “anal retentive.”  We discuss the natural history, cause, treatment, and continuing adult symptoms.  Our only regret is that it took so long for us to finally release the podcast on this topic.



Dr. Vaughan and Larry discuss changes in medicine including Meaningful Use payments to doctors for using Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) payments.



Dr. Mark Vaughan and Larry Finney discuss the expense of prescription medicines.Medicines


Forbes article on drug costs.

You can check the cost of drugs at local pharmacies at


Larry and Dr. Vaughan address topics including teenage marijuana use, links between brain cancer and cell phone use, and the seminal truth about Ebola.

doctor phone

Ladies Night Out with Sutter Health at the State Theater in Auburn, California.

Genetically Modified Organisms

genetically modified organismsDr. Mark Vaughan and Larry Finney discuss genetically modified organisms.  They mention the possible link between statements Dr. Oz made about genetically modified organisms and a group of doctors asking for Columbia University to reconsider his faculty appointment.

The Institute for Responsible Technology refers to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine for their strongest argument for GMO health risks.



Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dr. Kevin Hill of Sierra Endoscopy Center speaks about Irritable Bowel Syndrome.15843906144_3b87d9100c_o