About Mark Vaughan, M.D.

Dr. Vaughan has been practicing medicine in Placer County since completing residency at the University of Missouri, Kansas City in 1999. He graduated from Saint Louis University School of Medicine in 1996. He has served as the medical director of the Auburn Medical Group since its opening in 2005. Some of his podcasts and videos can be found at auburnmedicalgroup.com, medicallyspeakingradio.com, medicinaeverite.com, and https://www.youtube.com/user/auburnmedicalgroup.


16245361568_f21ec8a828_oA Right-to-Die (or Physician-Assisted Suicide) bill sits on the California Governor’s desk as an LA doctor is on trial for murder.

Starting Practice

soccerHow does one start a medical practice?  This question and more from Periscope are answered in this episode.  See medicallyspeakingradio.com

Electronic Medical Records

EMRElectronic Medical Records (EMR, sometimes EHR) are now used by most doctors in the United States.  We discuss the impact of the change to electronic medical records and specifically discuss Dr. Vaughan’s current change from one system to another.

Will Wait

ovenThe “female Viagra” fibanserin is discussed along with Periscope viewer comments and questions.


parentingParenting questions from Periscope are answered and Dr. Vaughan speaks about Overcoming Emotional Trauma by Travis Lloyd.

The Resistance

MedicinesAntibiotic resistance is continually increasing.  Hear how you can be a part of the solution.  Listener questions about subarachnoid hemorrhage and federal medical record rules are also discussed.  Comments from live listening viewers come through Periscope.

Zombie Brain-Eating Amoeba

noseWe discuss the brain-eating amoeba (Naeglaria fowleri) which killed two people in Louisiana this month.  The amoeba is almost uniformly fatal and infects victims when contaminated fresh water enters their nose.

Door Knob Medicine

doorknobGood medical care is more than just correctly diagnosing and prescribing medical treatment.  We discuss the need for medical care providers to adequately connect and communicate with patients in the process of diagnosing and treating.  Dr. Vaughan speaks about his new role as the Chairperson for the Sutter Independent Physicians Service Excellence Physician Advisory Council.  Live audience participation is provided through Periscope.



LarryEyesThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a study this week about the increase and spread of Lyme disease from 1993 – 2012.  Dr. Vaughan explains Lyme disease, how it is contracted, its natural disease course, its prevention, and the controversy regarding ongoing symptoms following treatment.

SB 277

Vaughan VaccinationCalifornia passed SB277 requiring school children to be vaccinated.  It is dangerously close to violating patient autonomy and will probably be ruled unconstitutional for similar reasoning.  SB 538, which would expand the scope of Naturopathic Doctors, is also discussed.  Please notify your California Assembly Member to vote “No” on SB 538.  You may use the following language:

Please be sure to vote “No” against SB538 which would expand the scope of “Naturopathic Doctors” in California. It is bad enough to have the state condone their practice with a licensing board. Let’s not further endanger patients by adding even more semblance of legitimacy to practices not supported by scientific evidence.