Madicine Woman Pilot

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This medical drama web series is about Madison, a young Physician Assistant who must stand up against pressure make ethical compromises while haunted by a secret she is yet to discover.

Produced and Directed by Mark Vaughan, M.D.

Written by Brandon Lopez and Mark Vaughan, M.D.

Executive Producer: LeeAnn Vaughan

Co-Producers: Jeff Dickerson and Brandon Lopez

Cree Armstead
Allie Rivulet
Russell E. Johnson
Nanette Rice
Timothy Robinson
Julie Antti
Alicia Restivo
Maggie Rose Hart
Tom Rae
LeeAnn Vaughan
Nick McCollum
Brandon Lopez

The web series features a strong black lead who is also a strong female lead playing the role of a Physician Assistant.

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Lindsay Graff
LeeAnn Vaughan
John P. Baugh
Sharon Calvert
Linda D. Watson
Tom Lehrer
Pamela Schramke
Rae McDonald
Jennifer Dickson
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