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Airsoft Medicine

Dr. Airsoft wants to protect airsoft players from unnecessary injury, and in the process protect the reputation of the airsoft sport. Airsoft-related medical issues include eye protection, face and mouth protection, laser use, heat-related illness, conditioning, and the unique problems sometimes realized when young children find parts of their bodies that airsoft bb's will fit in.

Use the Dr. Airsoft fanpage on Facebook to write in your medical questions related to playing airsoft.

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Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry head to Shot Show again for 2013.




Oppose SB 1315. Call members of the Senate Public Safety Committee if you are a California resident.



What does this have to do with airsoft? Click to find out.

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Best Airsoft Podcast or Videocast

Airsoft Medicine was awarded the 2012 Airsoft Players' Choice Award for Best Airsoft Podcast or Videocast!



Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry go to Shot Show.

Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry

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The November Airsoft Medicine Podcast is posted. Download it now and be sure to subscribe. This episode addresses Airsoft Minimum Engagement Distances (MED). There is also a contest giving away a pair of ESS Profile goggles with the Cortex Clip.



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The September Airsoft Medicine Podcast is posted. Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry discuss exerpiences and recommendations for the bang kill rule, a.ka. mercy kill rule. They also give an update on the final defeat of SB 798.



The August Airsoft Medicine Podcast is posted. Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry discuss new proposed ASTM standards for airsoft, including a requirement for ear protection. They also give an update on SB 798.



The July Airsoft Medicine Podcast is posted. Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster discuss how the Raspberry Ruger relates to airsoft safety and discuss the current state of SB 798.



SB 798 passes the Public Safety Committee of the Assembly. It goes on to the full Assembly. Click to find out how to write your Assemblymember to oppose SB 798.


SB 798 will be reconsidered in a very different ammended form on July 5, 2011. Follow the link to read about what the changes mean in Rangemaster Larry's article.


SB 798 did not pass the Assembly Public Safety Committee yesterday, but it may be reconsidered in the near future.










The May Airsoft Medicine Podcast is posted.  Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry spend the entire podcast giving the history, explaining the details, discussing implications, and telling how to effectively fight SB 798 (California Senate Bill 798).  The discussion includes comments from "Jason," a California Police Officer.  This is the most complete coverage of SB 798 on a podcast to date.






SB 798 passes the California Senate in a 21-16 vote. Go to the SB 798 page to learn the facts and to contact your Assembly representative before they vote this bill into law.


California Senate Bill 798 passes in committee. Please conatact your state senator in opposition to this bill if you live in California. See full details.


The May Airsoft Medicine Give-Away is coming this week. Be sure to check the Dr. Airsoft Facebook for instructions for a chance to win one of the following prizes

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ESS Profile goggles from ESS Airsoft

Damascus Imperial knee and elbow pads and Nitro tactical goves from Damascus Protective Gear

Irene Adaptive Sling from Mission Spec

Hakkotsu Iron Face mask from Hakkotsu


Contest is open to residents of the USA and Canada, age 18 years or older (gun not available for Canada residents) and who have not won an Airsoft Medicine Prize already. Follow the instructions on the Dr. Airsoft Facebook page on May 1, 2011.



The April Airsoft Medicine Give-Away is coming this week. Be sure to check the Dr. Airsoft Facebook for instructions for a chance to win a single prize composed of a complete airsoft kit including:

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Damascus Protective Gear elbow/knee pads and Nitro tactical gloves
Condor Crossdraw Vest from Airsoft Extreme
Ironface mask from Hakkotsu.







The clue is not here. You have to listen to the March Airsoft Medicine podcast titled, "Liquid Nitro." The winner is the first person to be able to give the answer AND tell the correct location of each clue.



Now you can purchase Airsoft Medicine products.










The only source of the rules and insturctions for the March give-away is the March Spy Contest for 2011 podcast on the Airsoft Medicine podcast feed. Subscribe now so you won't miss it when it comes out. (If you are unable to participate in this contest due to a disability please write to mark@airsoftmedicine.com.)






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I am honored to have received the Special Airsoft Player Award of the 1st Airsoft Players' Choice Awards by Popular Airsoft. Rangemaster Larry and I will strive to continue to serve the airsoft community in manner worthy of this award. Thanks to all who voted for me.



New videos posted on YouTube from Shot Show 2011



The new Airsoft Medicine Podcast for January is up. Subscribe through iTunes and please rate the podcast.



Airsoft Medicine Update







New Airsoft Medicine Podcast!

Check out the new archive of all of the previous Dr. Airsoft podcast segments previously only hear on Airsoftology and CQB Radio. Just click on the "podcast" link to subscribe. Be sure not to miss the new Airsoft Medicine podcast starting in 2011.






Dr. Airsoft nominated for Airsoft Players' Choice Awards

Anyone can vote for the Airsoft Player's Choice Awards. Dr. Airsoft was nominated for Best Airsoft Videocast and Special Airsoft Player Award. Look for numbers 14 and 22 when you use your ballot at Popular Airsoft.


















Dr. Mark Vaughan publishes his 2010 Airsoft Eye Injury Medical Review Article on www.airsoftmedicine.com





















The Airsoft Hub connects Teams & Players on Facebook

Started from scratch in February 2010, the Airsoft Hub is born of a simple idea: leveraging Facebook and reach a critical mass of fans to connect Airsoft players and teams. Thanks to the contribution of its 27 000 members, the Airsoft Hub is now simply the fastest growing Airsoft fanpage on Facebook and one of the most active community online.

The Airsoft Hub offers simple features such as news, reviews, forums, ingame photos and tactical resources thanks to partnerships with big players. As Airsoft is becoming mainstream, we think it's now time to take the Community to the next level. We are now focusing on new features such as an Airsoft products Marketplace and an International Airsoft Events Calendar.

To join our community and help us building the most awesome Airsoft community:
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27200 members in 4 months
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20 partners / blogosphere and ecommerce

Feb 29th 7 850 fans
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May 14th 27 200 fans

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I am responding to questions from the UK and Italy. Please ask your questions on the Facebook fanpage so everyone can benefit from the conversation.

Face Protection

Grant Woo of Airsoft Hawaii wrote to let me know about some practical testing he did for his own article on airsoft face protection. I love the article. He shot various face masks and goggles at progressively faster muzzle velocities at close range to see how much protection they offer. He and I differ on the need for full face, ear, and head protection. I do not think that ear protection is important enough to be required of an airsoft player. We agree on the level of protection needed for the eyes and mouth.


ESS "Cortex Mask"

ESS has informed me that they are working on a "Cortex Mask" to accompany their tactical goggles for additional face protection. They currently have a prototype they are developing for the military. Here is a sneak peak. They tell me this design may be used or modified for a future airsoft line.

ESS Cortex Mask


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