Nathan Oates Part 2

We continue our conversation with Pastor Nathan Oates of Emmaus Church Community in Lincoln, California.  Listen to Part 1 to hear Nathan’s faith journey.  In this installment, we learn about Nathan’s view of the future for both himself and for Emmaus Church Community.

Nathan and Mark grew up together in the same Nazarene youth group.  Nathan shares his testimony and the account of his own journey from youth to his founding of the Emmaus Church Community in this first of two episodes.

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Fr Rebholtz and Buddhism

Father Brian Rebholtz was a follower of Shin Buddhism before starting his Christian journey in young adulthood.  Now he is the Priest-in-Charge at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Auburn, California.

Pete Enns Part 2: How the Bible Actually Works

Pete Enns

Pete Enns returns to join us in this second installment of a two episode series as we explore questions related to his latest book, How the Bible Actually Works.  Topics include sharing a changing faith with others, how the work of theology is applying scripture to the reality of the present, and changes in how our current knowledge of human sexuality is factored into reading the writing of St. Paul.  Pete’s comment about the genetics of homosexuality probably refers to the study published in Science, 2018 Oct 26;362(6413):385-38.


“The Reason to Start” by Robert Gacek licensed through, 2019.

Pete Enns Part 1: Pete’s Own Faith Change

Pete Enns

Pete Enns has been one of the most influential authors and podcast hosts in the realm of (former) Evangelicals recently and currently experiencing significant faith changes.  Pete shares with us his own personal account of chaining faith.  Come back next month as we explore questions related to his latest book, How the Bible Actually Works.


“The Reason to Start” by Robert Gacek licensed through, 2019.

Seminex as Seen by Pastor Art Otto

Seminex, a seminary in exile, occurred  in 1974, when Concordia Seminary lost its faculty and students in what became the seminal event of a larger division that affected the entire Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  Art Otto had graduated from the seminary just 9 years earlier and was still working with Concordia students at a Missouri Synod church nearby when it all hit the fan.  Art shares with us his perspective as a student of the same Concordia Seminary professors who taught from the historical-critical method of the study of scripture.

Video:  Seminex: Memories of a Church Divided

“The Reason to Start” by Robert Gacek licensed through, 2019.

God Can’t | Dr. Thomas Jay Oord

Dr. Thomas Jay Oord, theologian, philosopher, scholar of multidisciplinary studies, and award-winning author, joins us to discuss themes in his latest book, God Can’t.

Dr. Oord shares with us his own experience of changing faith, including a period of atheism during his senior year in college.  Although he returned to a Christian faith, he admits he does not have the certainty he had before he started answering the tough questions many of ask.

“The Reason to Start” by Robert Gacek licensed through, 2019.



Meet Tyler Dumont

Lucy, the Black Cat, did not interrupt the recording once. Good Lucy.

Tyler describes himself as a student.  With hopes to go on to seminary, he is certainly a true student of the Bible and of the Faith.  He speaks of starting life in a Fundamentalist environment, finding value in his roots, and his own journey to find his Faith in Jesus Christ.

See Tyler preach at Incarnation Anglican Church.

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“The Reason to Start” by Robert Gacek licensed through, 2019.