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Ankle Sprains

The Doctors Vaughan discuss Ankle Sprains. Find the original blog post at:

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Snakes of the United States

Learn more on the Dr. Green Knight blog. Doctors Gawayne Vaughan and Mark Vaughan discuss snakes of the United States and the first aid treatment for snake bites. You can sign up on Patreon to get the private version of

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Cyst Excision: Edited | Auburn Medical Group

A painful epidermoid cyst is removed using an elliptical excision. The cyst could also have been removed with blunt dissection with higher risk of rupturing the capsule. There was more bleeding than normal because of the shortage of lidocaine with

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Neck Spasm CURED! | Auburn Medical Group

A neck spasm is cured with just a few injections of local anesthetic in the muscles involved. Muscle spasms in the neck like this are common, and they respond well to this treatment. Click to follow me on

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Vertigo Treatment | Auburn Medical Group

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is treated in the office and at home with the Epley Maneuver treatment we demonstrate on this patient. The eye movements seen during vertigo are called saccades. Horizontal saccades are typically seen with this type of

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Curettage and Cautery for Basal Cell Carcinoma | Auburn Medical Group

Basal celll carcinoma curettage and cautery is a minimally invasive treatment for a form of skin cancer. Our technique is uniquely using chemical cautery with silver nitrate (AgNO3) instead of electrocautery. The standard procedure is to use a curette to

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Plantar Wart Treatment | Auburn Medical Group

Plantar Wart Treatment is done with liquid nitrogen probe cyrotherapy in this video to cause frostbite injury to the virus-infected skin. This will kill the infected tissue and allow uninfected skin to replace the wart as healing occurs over the

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Conjuctivitis | Auburn Medical Group

Bacterial Conjunctivitis or pink eye is evaluated using a fluorescein stain to rule out other more serious infections or injuries to the eye. Herpes Ophthalmicus is one viral infection which would be confirmed with fluorescein staining to alert us to

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Before and AFTER Basal Cell Carcinoma Biopsy on the EAR | Auburn Medical Group

Basal Cell Carcinoma was the diagnosis after a horn-like skin lesion removal from the ear by shave biopsy surgery in part one. Now we see how well the biopsy site healed and learn about the referral made to a Dermatologist

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HUGE Swollen Elbow Aspiration

A huge elbow bursitis fluid collection is drained with a syringe to provide immediate relief of swelling of the elbow olecranon bursa. Needle drainage (or aspiration) is not necessary. Most cases of olecranon bursitis will eventually resolve spontaneously over several

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