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Cyst Excision: Edited | Auburn Medical Group

A painful epidermoid cyst is removed using an elliptical excision. The cyst could also have been removed with blunt dissection with higher risk of rupturing the capsule. There was more bleeding than normal because of the shortage of lidocaine with

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Face Sebaceous Cyst Removal | Auburn Medical Group

An epidermoid cyst (often incorrectly called a sebaceous cyst) removal from a patients cheek is done by surgical excision. The face is a cosmetically sensitive area, so special care is taken to align the axis of the eliptical exision with

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Epidermoid Cyst Removal INTACT| Auburn Medical Group

Removal of an epidermoid cyst without rupturing it is done by Dr. Vaughan to relieve a patient of continuing episodes of draining from the cyst in his back. These are often inaccurately called sebaceous cysts by many doctors. Many YouTube

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