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Cyst Excision: Edited | Auburn Medical Group

A painful epidermoid cyst is removed using an elliptical excision. The cyst could also have been removed with blunt dissection with higher risk of rupturing the capsule. There was more bleeding than normal because of the shortage of lidocaine with

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Dr. Gawayne Removes a Foreign Body from a Patient’s Hand | Auburn Medical Group

Dr. Gawyne removes a wooden splinter by incision and drainage into an abscess caused by the presence of the wood foreign body under the skin. We do not explore for foreign objects in the skin unless it is visible from

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Dilated Pore of Winer Corn Feat. Dr. Gawayne | Auburn Medical Group

The material popped out of a dilated pore of Winer resembles a kernel of corn during this triple DPOW popping extravaganza. Show Dr. Gawayne some love by subscribing to his blog: Thank you to our patrons on Patreon at

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Dr. Mark reacts to Dr. Paul Thomas’s viral ear wax video MASSIVE EAR WAX REMOVAL! ( with Dr. Paul Thomas. Be sure to subscribe to Paul Thomas, M.D. at Also check out Noah’s channel at Thank you to

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Tonsil Stones | Auburn Medical Group

Tonsil Stones can be removed by gentle manipulation using a cotton-tipped swab or other clean soft object. Care must be taken not to obstruct the airway or injure the fragile oral tissue. This tonsil stone was easily removed using surgical

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Let the Hair Out (Ear Foreign Body Removal) | Auburn Medical Group

There was a loose hair in the ear canal acting like an ear canal foreign body, irritating the ear drum. It took both curettage and irrigation to finally get this hair removed from the ear canal. This often occurs following

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Chunk of Ear Wax Removal | Auburn Medical Group

This chunk of ear wax removal was done with curettage following a single round of irrigation. Some cerumen is removed from both ears. Thank you to our patrons on Patreon at the $5 level and higher: BooBoo Kitty Lindsay Graff

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Face Sebaceous Cyst Removal | Auburn Medical Group

An epidermoid cyst (often incorrectly called a sebaceous cyst) removal from a patients cheek is done by surgical excision. The face is a cosmetically sensitive area, so special care is taken to align the axis of the eliptical exision with

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NEW Ear Cleaner Trial | Auburn Medical Group

A new ear wax cleaner from Bionix, called the Ear Lavage System, is used for the first time by Dr. Mark Vaughan to irrigate impacted cerumen from a patient’s ears. It seems to be better at ear wax removal compared

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Skin HORN removal | Auburn Medical Group

A cutaneous horn, like a horn growing from the skin, is removed with a shave biopsy. These lesions are not true horns like animals have. There is no bone in it. It is more similar to an antler. They grow

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