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Dr. Gawayne Removes a Foreign Body from a Patient’s Hand | Auburn Medical Group

Dr. Gawyne removes a wooden splinter by incision and drainage into an abscess caused by the presence of the wood foreign body under the skin. We do not explore for foreign objects in the skin unless it is visible from

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STYE Gets Punctured for Pus Drainage | Auburn Medical Group

A stye gets punctured for pus drainage. A Stye is an abscess of a meibomian gland of the eyelid. They occur when these glands of an oily material get blocked and infected by bacteria. The recommended treatment is application of

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Myringotomy & Ear Tube Feat. Dr. Tim Fife | Auburn Medical Group

Myringotomy is the creation of an incision in the ear drum to allow drainage of fluid buildup in the middle ear. It is often done to correct hearing loss or to drain infected pus. A tympanostomy tube is placed to

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Hematoma Popping | Auburn Medical Group

A hematoma is drained or “popped” with a classic incision and drainage technique using a scalpel to make an incision and manual pressure and traction to accomplish the removal or “popping” or the collection of coagulated blood. The wound was

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HUGE Swollen Elbow Aspiration

A huge elbow bursitis fluid collection is drained with a syringe to provide immediate relief of swelling of the elbow olecranon bursa. Needle drainage (or aspiration) is not necessary. Most cases of olecranon bursitis will eventually resolve spontaneously over several

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A dental abscess in the gum is drained of pus by Dr. Gawayne Vaughan. This abscess will continue to drain, not needing antibiotic treatment to resolve. New videos are posted on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. This video is not intended

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Nostril Abscess Drainage

A nostril abscess is drained with a simple incision. The culture grew Methicillin Resistant Staphylococus aureus (MRSA) which was treated with clindimycin because it had worked in resolving a recent infection of a household member.

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