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Rapidly Changing Lesion Shave Biopsy | Auburn Medical Group

This was a live stream on YouTube of an evaluation and biopsy of a rapidly changing skin lesion. The pathology found it to be a benign growth. No further treatment is necessary. This video originally aired live. Dr. Vaughan responds

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Forearm Shave Biopsy | Auburn Medical Group

A shave biopsy is done on this forearm skin lesion to determine if it a skin cancer. It will require further treatment if it is a skin cancer and there is remaining cancer present at the margins of the biopsy

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Malignant Melanoma Punch Biopsy | Auburn Medical Group

Malignant Melanoma is a very serious and potentially deadly skin cancer which is diagnosed by punch biopsy in this case. Any mole which is changing should be evaluated, especially if it has Asymmetrical appearance, Border irregularity, Color variation, Diameter greater

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Biopsy ABCDE | Auburn Medical Group

Skin lesions demonstrating ABCDE features should be considered for biopsy to rule out cancer. In this case we are most concerned about the possibility of malignant melanoma. The ABCDE features: Asymmetry Border Irregularity Color Variation Diameter Greater than 6 mm

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Karla’s Skin Lesion Biopsy

Karla’s skin lesion shave biopsy is performed both to remove the growth from her cheek and to confirm that it is only a benign seborrheic keartosis and not a skin cancer. The pathology found that it was a benign seborrheic

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Jim’s Forehead Shave Biopsy for Basal Cell Carcinoma

A shave biopsy to check for basal cell carcinoma is done on Jim’s forehead. The pathology will be checked so we will know the results within one week. New videos are posted on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. This video is

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