Physician Assisted Suicide Bill in California

If you read this post in time, please write to the Governor to ask him to veto the right-to-die die currently on his desk.  Here is the email I sent him today:


Dear Governor Brown:


I am writing regarding the right-to-die bill currently sitting on your desk for signature. As a family practice physician in Auburn, I plead for you to veto this bill.

I also was educated by the Jesuits. I attended Saint Louis University School of Medicine. I believe in the teaching that it is wrong for physicians to assist in the death of patients. It is such an important principle that it is included in the Hippocratic Oath I took when I was given the degree, Medical Doctor. It would be wrong to make physicians the designated assistant for suicide in California.

I pray for wisdom for you as you continue to make decisions like this one as you lead our great state.


Mark Vaughan, M.D.
Auburn Medical Group

Mark Vaughan, M.D. is the Medical Director and founding member of the Auburn Medical Group, an independent Family Medicine practice in Auburn, California. He speaks on general medical topics on the Auburn Medical Group YouTube Channel. His handle for Twitter and Instagram is @doctorvaughan.

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