Auburn Racquet Club Scholarship Program

“The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.” Ayn Rand uses these words to describe the profitable outcome resulting from seizing opportunities that cross your path. It is important not to overlook the opportunities around, but take advantage of every chance for improvement that presents itself. My name is Kara Vaughan, and I am currently a junior at Placer High School. I have just finished participating in an incredible scholarship program offered by the Auburn Racquet and Fitness Club. The program is offered to any juniors and seniors at Placer, Colfax, or Bear River High Schools and occurs between the months of August and JaFullSizeRendernuary.

A set of requirements is given to the participants: attend the gym at least three days a week, participate in fifteen group training classes, attend two tennis classes, and a weekly group training class. At the end of the program, each participant writes an essay about how their personal health has been improved and how they will improve the health of their community. A winner is chosen and receives a two thousand dollar scholarship. I originally thought the requirements would be difficult to attain, but I quickly began to realize how enjoyable my time at the gym would be, causing the list of requirements to lose its daunting character.

Previous to the program I could not have predicted the astounding benefits manifested in my everyday life. Maintaining a consistent exercise schedule and using the equipment provided at the gym have helped me to increase both my strength and endurance. I have noticed an increased energy throughout the day and an ability to sleep more soundly at night due to regular exercise. The large variety of classes offered has allowed me to experiment with different exercise techniques and create a well-rounded workout schedule. The diversity of the classes ensures that everyone, of all abilities and age groups,  can find something suitable for their needs. All of the employees and instructors I met have proven to be extremely welcoming and encouraging, promoting a positive workout environment.

I am extremely thankful for my experience, and would strongly recommend the program to any high schoolers who will be eligible for next year’s program.

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