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I Hate Shots, But I Get my Flu Shot.

I hate getting shots.  I hate getting vaccine injections.  I hate getting hit in airsoft or paintball.  The funny thing is I like giving shots.  I like giving therapeutic injections in the office, and I like shooting on the airsoft

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Expanded Choices for Sutter Medical Group (Auburn, CA) Patients

Recent medical staff changes at the Sutter Medical Group of Auburn, including the retirement of Dr. Russell Tweet and Thomas Hankins and Dr. J. Robert Bixler’s move to Urgent Care, leave their current patients with choices for a new doctor.

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New Auburn Medical Group Blog

There is no end to sources of “medical” information that patients access.  It comes from the interweb, from friends at work, friends on Facebook, your mother-in-law, etc.  This leads to misunderstandings and sometimes unhealthy actions on the part of patients

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