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Physician Assisted Suicide Bill in California

If you read this post in time, please write to the Governor to ask him to veto the right-to-die die currently on his desk.  Here is the email I sent him today:   Dear Governor Brown:   I am writing

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Patient Autonomy Versus Public Safety

Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 277 into law this week requiring school children to be vaccinated to enter public or private school.  Disappointingly, I hear some Sacramento area physicians elated at the signing.  I believe this to be dangerously

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PillCam Colon

How does that song by the Vapors go? “I want a doctor to take your picture, So I can look at you from inside as well.”  All  racist stereotypes aside, the pill camera is now approved by the FDA for colon

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Expanded Choices for Sutter Medical Group (Auburn, CA) Patients

Recent medical staff changes at the Sutter Medical Group of Auburn, including the retirement of Dr. Russell Tweet and Thomas Hankins and Dr. J. Robert Bixler’s move to Urgent Care, leave their current patients with choices for a new doctor.

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