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STYE Gets Punctured for Pus Drainage | Auburn Medical Group

A stye gets punctured for pus drainage. A Stye is an abscess of a meibomian gland of the eyelid. They occur when these glands of an oily material get blocked and infected by bacteria. The recommended treatment is application of

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Myringotomy & Ear Tube Feat. Dr. Tim Fife | Auburn Medical Group

Myringotomy is the creation of an incision in the ear drum to allow drainage of fluid buildup in the middle ear. It is often done to correct hearing loss or to drain infected pus. A tympanostomy tube is placed to

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Cheek Shave Biopsy | Auburn Medical Group

A shave biopsy of the cheek is a relatively convenient way to get a sample of skin lesion for analysis by pathology to determine the presence of absence of skin cancer in suspicious skin lesion. The shave does not pass

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Welder’s Punch Biopsy | Auburn Medical Group

This punch biopsy to rule out malignant melanoma found: SEBORRHEIC KERATOSIS WITH LICHENOID INFLAMMATION It is benign, and no further treatment is needed. Thank you to our patrons on Patreon at the $5 level and higher: BooBoo Kitty Lindsay Graff

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Dr. Mark reacts to Dr. Paul Thomas’s viral ear wax video MASSIVE EAR WAX REMOVAL! ( with Dr. Paul Thomas. Be sure to subscribe to Paul Thomas, M.D. at Also check out Noah’s channel at Thank you to

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Tonsil Stones | Auburn Medical Group

Tonsil Stones can be removed by gentle manipulation using a cotton-tipped swab or other clean soft object. Care must be taken not to obstruct the airway or injure the fragile oral tissue. This tonsil stone was easily removed using surgical

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EKO Digital Stethoscope and Atrial Fibrillation | Auburn Medical Group

The Eko digital stethoscope transmits sound via bluetooth to a smart phone app. These sounds can then be shared through the website or as a wav file. It can also amplify the sounds in the stethoscope when needed. This

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Malignant Melanoma Punch Biopsy | Auburn Medical Group

Malignant Melanoma is a very serious and potentially deadly skin cancer which is diagnosed by punch biopsy in this case. Any mole which is changing should be evaluated, especially if it has Asymmetrical appearance, Border irregularity, Color variation, Diameter greater

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Freezing Hand Actinic Keratosis with Liquid Nitrogen | Auburn Medical Group

Freezing hand actinic keratosis is done with liquid nitrogen cyrotherapy to cause frostbite to the cells producing too much keratin. These are precancerous cells which can turn to squamous cell carcinoma if left untreated. Thank you to our patrons on

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Let the Hair Out (Ear Foreign Body Removal) | Auburn Medical Group

There was a loose hair in the ear canal acting like an ear canal foreign body, irritating the ear drum. It took both curettage and irrigation to finally get this hair removed from the ear canal. This often occurs following

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