Primary Family Medical Doctors for Auburn, California

Auburn Medical Group

The Auburn Medical Group Staff

The goal of the Auburn Medical Group is to make the patient experience the best.  Whether it is having an appointment with the doctor, talking with the nurse on the phone, or just making an office appointment, it is a good experience.  How pleasant it is these days to hear the doctor’s phone answered by a person instead of a phone tree.  These are the general reasons so many patients have continued referring  their family and friends to the Auburn Medical Group since 2005.

High Technology

The Auburn Medical Group has always had a fully implemented electronic medical record (EMR).  It is continually updated with the latest advances to keep patient information safe, accurate, and accessible by patients and their doctors.  It is securely stored and continually backed-up off-site.  Patients have access to their own chart and communicate with the doctors using My Health Online and My Chart on their iOS or Android devices (choose the “Sutter Health” network).Call to Action white